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Savannah Bananas - Montage Socks

Savannah Bananas - Montage Socks

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Experience ultimate comfort and style with Savannah Bananas - Montage Socks. Made with premium materials, these socks provide exceptional durability and breathability. The unique montage design adds a touch of fun and flair to any outfit. Perfect for avid Savannah Bananas fans or anyone looking to upgrade their sock game.

We first arrived in Savannah in October of 2015 with a goal to make baseball fun and bring back fans to Historic Grayson Stadium.

For the first time, minor league baseball had left the city, after calling Savannah home for 90 years. Now, because of this we realized that getting fans excited for a college summer team was harder than we could have ever imagined.

In our first few months, we only sold a handful of tickets. By January of 2016, just months before our first game, the team had over drafted our account. Owners, Jesse and Emily Cole were forced to sell their home and put money into the team to keep it going.

Then everything changed on February 25, 2016 when we named the team the Savannah Bananas.

This announcement created massive attention both in Savannah and nationally as CBS, NBC, Sports Illustrated and even SportsCenter featured it as logo of the year.

But locally the name was not liked or appreciated by most people in Savannah. We heard comments like whoever came up with the team should be fire. The owner should be thrown out of town. You’ll never sell a ticket. We even did a mean tweet video a year later to share some of the “love” we received.

But even with “mixed reviews” we were finally on the map and people knew who we were.

With all the attention, we were able to sell out Opening Night. The fans joined in on a completely unique experience with all-inclusive food, and new entertainment from the Banana Nanas, Senior citizen dance team, to the first banana, the Banana Baby and dancing players.

Since the first season, we’ve sold out every single game – over 200 and counting



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