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The Party Animals

Party Animals Party Time Socks

Party Animals Party Time Socks

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Introducing Party Animals Party Time Socks! These socks are perfect for any party with their fun and colorful design. Made from high-quality materials, these socks are comfortable and durable, ensuring a long-lasting party experience. Get ready to stand out and show off your love for party animals with these socks!

Started by Fans First Entertainment to develop a rival that could compete in Banana Ball at the highest level, the Party Animals were born. After tryouts were held to find the rowdiest guys in the land, the team debuted on July 21st, 2020, for a traditional baseball game against the Bananas. The talent was immediately proven by the Party Animals and led to game two, which utilized Banana Ball rules, and came down to the wire in Showdown Tiebreakers.

In 2021, Banana Ball was taken on the road for the first time. The Party Animals alongside the Bananas geared up for the One City World Tour. This kicked off with two games in Savannah and finished with two games in Mobile, AL. The Animals won the middle two games, splitting the tour a pair of games apiece with the Nanners.

The team was back in full force for the 2022 Banana Ball World Tour which spread 12 games across seven different cities as well as the eight game Summer Series held in Savannah in August of 2022.

Come 2023 and black and pink took over the Banana Ball World Tour. They proved they would be a problem for the Bananas to handle early, as they led the tour from March 13th to July 22nd and extended their tour lead up to five games on three different occasions during that stretch.



In the middle of their fun, they got to be the true stars of the show too as on June 12th we had our first ever Party Animals Takeover. Grayson Stadium was flipped from being Bananaland to Party Animals Kingdom as the Bad Boys of Banana Ball took on the Aussie Drop Bears. Every inning was a different themed type of party, and it looked like it was going to be one of the greatest Banana Ball experiences of all-time until the rain came in and washed the game away after three innings. But the vision of Party Animal home games had been seen by the world and the desire for more was stronger than ever.

After the debut home game, the Bananas returned to the field, got hot, and turned the tour on it’s head leading by eight games with only nine to play. The fans thought the future was sealed that the Nanners would take the tour. The Party Animals knew better.

An eight-game winning streak from the Party Animals later, the 2023 Banana Ball World Tour found itself in Cooperstown, NY for the final game of the tour. It all came down to this. Whoever won this game would become the 2023 Banana Ball World Tour Champions.

Before the final game of the tour, Banana Ball was given an exhibit in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. The Party Animals are represented with a team hat and the scorecard from game two of the 2023 tour.

It was a joyous occasion for everyone in Bananaland and Party Animals Kingdom, but the following day it was time to get back to business. Sean Fluke got the start at Doubleday Field and pitched across eight innings before handing a 2-1 lead over to Dylan Porter who nailed down the save to complete the nine-game winning streak and win the 2023 Banana Ball World Tour for the Party Animals. They would finish 34-33-2 against their arch-rivals on the year.

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